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Sunday, October 12 2014
Remodeling Cost Reality Check

Let's face it - it is no fun coming up with grand ideas of worthwhile home improvements only to have your hopes dashed by contractors' lofty estimates. Fact is, a vast majority of homeowners don't know how much remodeling costs these days. To help get those feet firmly grounded, here are a few "average" cost guidelines for you.

Kitchen renovations often are the biggest sticker shock item. If you want to makeover a medium sized kitchen (12'x12'), replacing cabinets, tops, appliances, plumbing fixtures, and adding a tile backsplash, figure on a minimum of $25,000. This would include factory made cabinets, granite tops, mid-range appliances, decent sink and faucet, and tile for the backsplash. Other costs in the total are for electrical upgrades, demolition and disposal. Of course, if your tastes run more toward higher quality, the cost could be much higher.

Bathroom renovation is another popular project that can be higher in cost than expected. If you have tile that was installed back around the 1950's or 60's, it is probably on wire mesh and a thick mortar bed. Demolition of the tile can get expensive, as well as adding layers to make up for the thickness of the bed. A typical 5'x8' bathroom of this vintage can be $8000 to remodel. That includes new tile, new cabinet, new top, new fixtures, new light, and new mirror, but all plumbing remaining in the same location. If you want to move things around, costs go up accordingly. A master bathroom can be higher because of size, tub selection, and an extra vanity. If you have a master bath with tub, shower, double vanity, and toilet, figure around $10,000 for the makeover.

Other areas to be remodeled are less expensive than kitchens and baths. I often tell people to figure on $100 per square foot for most additions, but obviously adding a bathroom will cost more than that. Likewise, updating other rooms with flooring and paint will not be nearly as much as kitchens and baths.

Costs of remodeling projects vary greatly. I don't want to scare you off by saying that the above are minimums. Many of the costs are in your control - things you pick out - such as the cabinets and tops. My best advice is to talk with a contractor with experience and a good reputation to see what can be accomplished within your budget. Caudill Design Group is always willing to consult with you at absolutely no obligation or cost to you!

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