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Saturday, February 28 2015
Inside-the-Beltline Makeover

Late last year I was contacted by a young couple who owned a 1940's vintage 1072 square foot home in an area of Raleigh that was undergoing massive regentrification. It seemed every time I went to meet with the owners another house had been razed in the neighborhood and construction of a new home beginning or about to begin. We discussed the owners' goals and dreams for their home, and after a few meetings, we had a design for adding 1304 square feet and a total exterior makeover. The only part of their home that was unaffected was their kitchen, which they had recently updated.

I realized that this addition and makeover was going to be a really special project and so I asked them about showing it during the 2015 Raleigh HBA Remodelers' Tour in April. They agreed to open their home to the public during the Tour, but to make the deadline, we needed to move quickly. The owners needed to get their funding in place, and I got the final plans done, engineered, and permitted with the City of Raleigh. By the time we were ready to jump in with both feet, February came along! I was very frustrated that we were ready, and on a very tight schedule, and Arctic blast after Arctic blast came our way, preventing any foundation work from happening. After a couple of weeks of hoping for a break, I had to tell my team and the owners that we would not be ready for the Tour.

Because I can't take advantage of the Tour, I've decided to post pictures and a running update as we progress toward this beautifully updated home. One of the things I take the most pride in is that the home will look like it belongs in the old neighborhood — a bungalow-style home.

So off we go!

Our first step was to remove a front and rear concrete stoop because we were adding eight feet to the first floor across the front, and ten feet across the rear.

At the time of this posting, we have finally gotten our foundation built (between snowstorms!) and hope to begin framing next week. More to come! I hope you enjoy the transformation as much as I will!

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